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Drum Mild Rolling Tobacco is the best choice for any smoker looking for that ideal balance between rich, full flavor and smooth, light smoke. This tobacco really is the perfect compromise: it produces a more aromatic and deeper taste than is usually found in mild tobaccos, but does so without the harsh feel so common in full-flavored varieties. This special blend of darker Kentucky burley tobacco and light Virginia tobacco has the ideal fine-cut texture and moisture for hand rolling.
The tobacco is available in a box of five individually sealed 50-gram pouches and five packets of rolling papers. Amphora Red Tobacco's dominant aroma is cherry-chocolate tones superimposed on a light natural tobacco scent. As Amphora Red Tobacco packet boasts, the flavor is quite "fresh." It is an excellent all-day smoke for those who enjoy a rich, but not cloying aroma. Old Holborn Yellow Rolling Tobacco creates a unique smoking experience, perfect for when you just need to have a cigarette. These cigars are the embodiment of mild, as well as being creamy, silky, and delicious. Choice Dominican tobaccos accented with a touch of Brazilian leaf are expertly constructed into a truly exquisite, mild-to-medium-bodied premium cigar wrapped in a golden claro shade leaf. This is truly a cigar for special occasions. Enjoy the perfect combination of cigars and accessories with this Acid Blondie Belicoso Bundle. Included are the natural hand-made Acid Blondie Belicoso cigars, a 25-50ct Capri Mahogany Humidor to lock in flavor and freshness, 1 Egg Shape Rotary Blade Cigar Cutter to cut your cigars perfectly (cuts up to a 64 ring gauge), and 1 Vertigo Razor Lighter so you won't go anywhere without a light. All this at an oustanding price! Acid Cold Infusion Tea Natural cigars are rolled to a Lonsdale size with a mild, aromatic Connecticut shade wrapper.

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